As Aydin Boru we supply pipes, mechanical pipes, construction pipes, oil pipes, gas pipes, line pipes, heat exchanger pipes, boiler tubes, steel pipes, steel drawn pipes, hot drawn pipes, cold drawn pipes, mechanical drawn pipes, steel construction pipes, gost 8732 pipes, gost 8731 pipes, astm a106 pipes, astm a53 pipes, oil line pipes, seamless drawn steel pipes, astm a333 pipes, carbon steels, seamless line pipes, astm a335 pipes, medium carbon boiler tubes, medium carbon heat exchanger pipes, low carbon boiler tubes, low carbon heat exchanger pipes, alloyed boiler tubes, alloyed heat exchanger pipes, alloyed steels, alloy steels, large plain welded pipes, plain welded pipes, welded pipes, api 5 ct pipes, drilling pipes, api 5d pipes, hot drawn pipe, cold drawn pipe, mechanical drawn pipe, steel construction pipe, gost 8732 pipe, gost 8731 pipe, astm a106 pipe, astm a53 pipe, oil line pipe, seamless drawn steel pipe, astm a333 pipe, carbon steels, seamless line pipe, astm a335 pipe, medium carbon boiler tube, medium carbon heat exchanger pipe, low carbon boiler tube, low carbon heat exchanger pipe, alloyed boiler tube, alloyed heat exchanger pipe, alloyed steels, alloy steels... Aydın Boru who is been operating since 70’s, can be considered as the flagship of the Aydın Group Companies. Aydın Boru has gained an enviable reputation and confidence in the sector; cause of the long years of experiences in seamless steel pipes, thoroughness in stocking and purchasing and the importance given to the pre and after sales satisfaction. Aydın Boru is one of the leaders of the market based on the experience over 40 years. As well as not only being the initiative company that stocks 1st Quality Pipes, the supplying speed owing to the perfect storage system; is one of the main reason of long terms relationships with the customers. Aydın Boru is extremely meticulous about having the Mill Test Certificates of all the pipes at its stock. Supplying and stocking discipline shown to the customers as a solution partner is also sustainable during the workflow and after sales.

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